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Avant toute chose, il est important de définir le but de votre site internet. Un site vitrine qui vous présente, un site informatif qui regroupe des données sur un sujet commun, ou un site e-commerce pour les marchands. Une fois définis, nous pouvons nous lancer.

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Avant le premier coup de crayon, nous dressons toutes les pages et les fonctionnalités qui seront affichées sur votre site. Ensuite, nous les classerons astucieusement, pour faciliter le parcours de vos utilisateurs. Faciliter l'expérience de votre communauté fidélisera et augmentera considérablement votre rendement.

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Questions fréquentes

Q. How many patches come in one box?

A. There are a total of 35 patches in each box. Each Box contains 7 packs and each pack has 5 patches.

Q. How long does one patch last?

A. One patch will last about 4 hours. Please replace your patch every 4 hours if need be. Some people experience that they can go longer than 4 hours with one patch so please listen to your body and switch patches accordingly. If you notice that you don't need a cigarette after your first patch, try and go on without applying a second one!

Q. When will I receive my order?

A. Orders take up to 2-7 Bussiness Days (United States) to ship and arrive. We do our very best to fulfill every order that we receive as fast as possible! Please note that these are only estimates.

Q. How long is one period of treatment?

A. One period of treatment is 28 days, but the majority of our customers report quitting within 14 days.

Q. Am I charged a one time payment or reuccuring charges?

A. When you purchase AlleviAid™, it is a one time payment. We currently do not do subscriptions because we think you won't need to!

Q. Does it have any side effects?

A. AlleviAid™ is completely side effect free! Moreover AlleviAid™ will help with withdrawal effect. Making quitting fast and painless.

Q. How long do I have to use AlleviAid™ to quit?

A. 90% of our customers quit just after 14 days. This means completely nicotine free.(No more patches) Moreover when you have the patch on, your cravings would be gone.

Q. How is AlleviAid™ different from any other regular patches we can get at the store?

A. AlleviAid patches are not like regular cigarette patches because they are 100% natural and use transdermal technology to give you the fastest results in the most efficient way. They work as a replacement therapy which is scientifically proven to be the best way to quit. 90% of our customers have reported a success with AlleviAid™ because of its unique combination of all natural ingredients.

Q. Can I smoke with patches on?

A. Although doing that won't harm you, we don't recommend that because you're trying to quit.

Q. Does it work for vaping (or other products)?

A. Absolutely! Electronic Sticks actually contain a significant amounts of harmful chemicals. Our products are designed to help you quit those harmful chemicals. Therefore it works for any products that contain these.

Q. Does it really work?

A. We do get this question a lot. We have helped thousands of people to quit smoking and we have gotten great feed back. Our customers would speak for us. (Read our reviews!)

Q. How do I know whether I am a Heavy, Moderate, or Light Smoker?

A. These are AlleviAid's recommendations based on expert opinions. Heavy Smoker: 10 or more sticks per day. Moderate Smoker: Between 5-10 sticks per day. Light Smoker: Less than 5 sticks per day

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